Our Events

We are an active club eager to create and organize beneficial activities and events to keep in touch with the fast developing programming wold and to help our club memebers to improve their coding and thinking skills.

Code Clash

Code Clash

This was our club's first on campus event and it was a blast. CodeClash was a C++ competition. It successfuly ended with 3 winners and a nice experience for everyone.

First place: Ali Al Reda Kamal Lezzaik
Second place: Mohamad Ali Ahmed Shamseddine
Third place: Mohamad Mahdi Ali Marji

After announcing the names of the winners on Thursday, December 16, 2021, Certificates of Achievement and Participation were granted to winners and participants respectively

Extra Sessions

On our quest to make programming concepts easier to understand, we initiated our extra sessions program before the partial exams in our university.

They consisted of various subjects and topics such as:

Data Structures
Object Oriented Programming

The feedback was great since all those who participated understood everything we explained and shined during their exams

Extra Sessions
Lcpc Training sessions

LCPC Training Sessions

We initiated a series of training sessions for teams that are interested in participating in the lcpc programming competition, which is the most prestigious algorithmic programming contest for college students.

The teams where trained on different topics such as:

Data Structures
Time Managment
Code optimization